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About us

PAWS, an acronym for People's Animal Welfare Society, is a non-profit, community-based organization that unofficially started in 1988. PAWS has a volunteer Committee, drawn from the community at large. PAWS volunteers are dedicated to helping the sick, injured and homeless animals in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

It wasn't until 1991 that PAWS was organized by a small group of volunteers to help the ever-increasing number of animals being abandoned due to the first Gulf War. It was also at this time the mission to decrease the feral population was formed. PAWS remains an unofficial group, unrecognized by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, therefore, is not part of any government agency.

PAWS exists fully on charitable donations from other organizations as well as our own fundraising efforts. We raise money through PAWS membership fees and special events such as bake sales and garage sales. These monies fund our programs. The allocation of funds is based on our guiding principle, "Put The Animals First."