People's Animal Welfare Society
Eastern Province


This page relates to the help you may require using our website

Having trouble registering

If you are experiencing problems registering an account, please contact out webmaster at

Unable to view pet contact details

You must be a registered user to see contact details of those who wish to re-home their animals. We do this for the protection of our registered users

I sent an email but didn't receive a reply

Please ensure you are using the ’contact us’ page on this website to get in touch. Emails to the old email addresses no longer get picked up and there are auto replies in place to redirect. Usage of personal email addresses may also take time to be answered if at all.

When using our ’contact us’ page, please remember we are just a handful of volunteers with full time jobs and answering could take up to 48 hours. An auto reply is active and should help answer questions in the cases of emergency.

I uploaded my pet for re-homing but it still doesn't appear

All uploaded pets are checked by admin for correct details and a picture, before being accepted for the gallery. This process can take up to 48 hours. Please check back after a few days, to see your pet on the gallery.

The website links do not work

Our website is currently undergoing a major revamp. If you find links which do not work, please contact our webmaster at

I wish to volunteer

We are always desperate for more volunteers, to work in many areas, but we need people committed to give time on a regular basis (roughly 2/3 per week). You are also requested to attend our meetings as often as possible (every 1-2 months). If interested, please contact us through our ’contact us’ page.