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Jane is a kind and loving dog who is content to spend the vast majority of her day relaxing in her old age. She is fully house-trained and is taken out three times per day for about 5 minutes to use the bathroom. These walks are in the morning, after work, and before bed. She is easily able to make it through the workday without needing to go outside. Preferably, one of these walks is longer and allows for some exercise. She previously lived with another dog, and they got along very well. She is fourteen years old and has minor health issues associated with her age, such as minor skin spots. She takes medication for urinary incontinence, and it is a non-issue with the medication. Her joints are feeling the wear and tear of many years of fun, but she is still well able to run around and play. It can be a struggle for her to need to be still in a confined space for an extended period, such as a crate. She has no major health issues. Due to her advanced age and joint concerns, it would be very uncomfortable and unpleasant for her to make the long plane ride back to the US. I am sadly looking to rehome her to save her the discomfort of making the trip as I fear it would be bad for her health and well-being. Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions you might have.

Breed Standard Poodle
Weight 18
Color Black
Personality Calm, loving, and content.
Location Jubail, KSA
Exercise Required 3 short walks per day
Grooming Required 1 per 6-8 weeks
Gender Female
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
House/Litter Trained Yes
Vaccinated (up-to-date) Yes
Special Medical Needs No
Micrchipped Yes
Sterilized Yes
Good With Cats No
Good With Dogs Yes
Good With Children Yes

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