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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

26th May 2015
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Need a clearout? We are looking for donations for upcoming yard sales. Please think of us when you're throwing out the stuff you no longer need. We'll gladly come to collect if transport is a problem. 
Please email Columba to discuss drop-offs or pick-ups. Thanks.


To view all of the pets needing a new home please visit our Adoption Gallery.

If you have a pet you need to re-home, Register your Pet. You will then be asked to complete information fields and upload a photo of your pet. Please include a photo, as it helps significantly with re-home. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.

To view all of the lost or found pets please visit our Lost & Found.

If you have lost a pet or found a pet and would like it advertised, please see out Lost and Found section and complete the online Lost and Found form.

If you are needing a pet sitter and would like to place an advertisement, download our Pet Sitter Request Form, read and complete it, and return it with at least one full-size photograph of the pet or pets to us on our contact us section.
There are no new pets lost, found or up for adoption this week.

Please visit our Adoption Gallery Adoption Gallery and our Lost & Found.

I'm Looking for a Home
Located In Dhahran

Elroy is a mix-breed, fun-loving little dog who is available for adoption. He is house-trained, neutered and his vaccinations are up to date.

He loves any kind of company be it people or cats, and loves to play with other dogs. His personality is gentle, loving, funny and intelligent.

Anyone who adopts Elroy will be guaranteed endless enjoyment, affection and fun. He would be a wonderful family pet.

If you can offer Elroy a loving, long-term home, please contact Helena at

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

Sam needs a new family due to her family moving.

She's a lovely dog, can you offer her a home? 

Please contact Jumana on 055 095 7000 if you can help Sumantha. Thanks. 


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura

Turbo is a lovely little Shih tzuh, white with brown ears. He’s very active and enjoys walking and playing.

He is litter-trained and vaccinated, but not neutered. Turbo is great with other dogs and children, but he’s not too keen on cats. He is looking for a new home. Can you help? 

Please call Sunitha on 013 677 6020
or email if you would like to meet Turbo. 

Eyeore, Tigger and Roo
We're Up For Adoption
Located In Dharan

These lovely kittens are five weeks old now and patiently waiting to find homes. 

Eyeore is the one in the front, Tigger is at the back and Roo is white with spots. 

Please call Chris on 013 878 5786
or email if you can offer these cuties a home. 

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

Can you offer Noli a new home?

Please contact Rawia if you can help. Call 050 685 7504, thanks.


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

Fluffi is the most amazing cat, but unfortunately we cannot keep him. 

He is 1.5 years old and loves to play with people and other cats, and he really loves a cuddle. 

Please call Faten on 056 336 6888
or email if you can help, thanks. 

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

I have to find my cat, Bobby, a new home because I'm leaving the country for over a year.

He comes with his own playing room and some clothes.

Please call Rayan on 055 006 5656 or email if you would like to adopt Bobby or at least foster him.  Thanks.

Fluffy Kitten
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura

This gorgeous, very friendly and fluffy white male kitten is available for adoption.  He is approximately six months old and neutered. 

Kitten gets along with other cats but I/m not sure about dogs.  He would make a great friend to children because he's very loveable and likes to be held.  

Please call 677-4501 or 056 325 5982 if you'd like to meet him.

Lost Bunny
Do You Know Me?
Located In Dhahran

This tiny bundle appeared on the doorstep on Friday morning in Prairie View Circle. I opened the door and it hopped in!

It’s very tame and adorable and extremely cute – someone has to be missing it. 

Please contact me to be reunited or if you’d like to adopt. Call 055 849 3286 or email


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