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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

7th June 2015
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Need a clearout? We are still looking for donations for upcoming yard sales. Please think of us when you're throwing out the stuff you no longer need. We'll gladly come to collect if transport is a problem. 

Please email Columba or Linda to discuss drop-offs or pick-ups. Thanks.


To view all of the pets needing a new home please visit our Adoption Gallery.

If you have a pet you need to re-home, Register your Pet. You will then be asked to complete information fields and upload a photo of your pet. Please include a photo, as it helps significantly with re-home. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.

To view all of the lost or found pets please visit our Lost & Found.

If you have lost a pet or found a pet and would like it advertised, please see out Lost and Found section and complete the online Lost and Found form.

If you are needing a pet sitter and would like to place an advertisement, download our Pet Sitter Request Form, read and complete it, and return it with at least one full-size photograph of the pet or pets to us on our contact us section.
There are no new pets lost, found or up for adoption this week.

Please visit our Adoption Gallery Adoption Gallery and our Lost & Found.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar (Sara Compound)

Bella was found wandering the street near Pets Oasis.  I don't know if she escaped or was dumped but she is the most loving cat I have ever known. She just wants to be near you all the time and will follow you everywhere. She's extremely gentle and is only a small dinky petite little girl.

She would make someone a lovely pet. I would keep her but I already have a cat and he's not the sharing house type unfortunately,plus I am due to have my first baby in a few weeks' time.

Please call Danielle on 055 195 2680
or email if you can help at all, thanks.

Lost Border Collie
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

This lovely Border Collie was found wandering around Dhahran Hospital grounds. He is approx 12 months old, extremely intelligent and very lovable

He is currently being fostered by one of the doctors, but due to him having two other dogs, he needs a permanent loving home.

Who can resist him?

Please contact soonest if you can offer him a permanent and loving home.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

This eight-month-old female white cat has lovely blue eyes. She is vaccinated and spayed... all she's waiting for now is for you to come and collect her!

If you are able to give Bissa a name, please contact Mercy Paws via Whatsapp on 054 422 3323 and include Bissa's name and photo in your communication. Thanks.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

Eight-month-old Sugar needs a permanent home.

Sadly she has been moved around a lot, and is shy for this reason. She just needs somewhere safe she can call home.

Please contact Rawia on 050 685 7504 if you can offer Sugar a forever home.

I'd Love to Find a Home
Located In Dhahran

My name is Tina. I live around Geode and Rock Court. I do not have a home at the moment but I would love to have one of my very own. I am very friendly, love people and really adore cuddles and brushing.

If you adopt me I will love you forever. I will protect you our home and keep you safe.

If you can take me home, please email or call her at work on 013 877-3839 or at home on 013 878-2656.

Four Little Kittens
We Need Homes
Located In Khobar

Four lovely kittens are available for adoption. They’re friendly, playful, healthy and vaccinated. All four of them need homes ASAP because otherwise they will be street cats again, which is absolutely not OK.

They have got used to being indoors with humans now, so they need loving homes. 

Please contact Shazad on Whatsapp on 059 160 9662.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura

Bug is a year-old tuxedo cat who is looking for a new home. Due to changing circumstances, his current family is unable to provide him with a home.

He is initially shy but ultimately very cuddly. Bug is neutered, current on all vaccinations and registered with AKC.

Please email if you can offer Bug a home, thanks. 

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

Jeo is an adorable nine-month-old male cat and is available for adoption.

Jeo needs a loving forever home as soon as possible. He loves being held and would make a great companion. He is vaccinated and neutered.

Please contact Shazad on Whatsapp on 059 160 9662.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

We are looking for someone who can adopt or foster this wonderful Persian male cat until he finds a cozy home.

He is about 1.5 years old, in excellent health, has had all his shots and is neutered. Mero likes to be indoors but does go out at times. He loves a cuddle and enjoys watching TV.



Unfortunately my family lhad to leave the Kingdom so now I have to lock him in alone all day while I'm at work. We loved him a lot but he needs a family that can give him more care, because he deserves it.

If anyone is interested in taking Mero in, please WhatsApp 059 837 4939. Thanks.

Fosters - Escorts Wanted

If you are needing a foster home or pet escort for a pet or pets please send in your detailed request/ad, with at least one full-size photograph of your pet/pets, to us on our Contact Us section.

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