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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

3rd July 2015
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To view all of the pets needing a new home please visit our Adoption Gallery.

If you have a pet you need to re-home, Register your Pet. You will then be asked to complete information fields and upload a photo of your pet. Please include a photo, as it helps significantly with re-home. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.

To view all of the lost or found pets please visit our Lost & Found.

If you have lost a pet or found a pet and would like it advertised, please see out Lost and Found section and complete the online Lost and Found form.
Please visit our Adoption Gallery Adoption Gallery and our Lost & Found.

I Need a Temp/Perm Home
Located In Doha

Asel is a 4 month old sweet and friendly puppy who urgently needs a good home.

If anyone is able to foster or adopt him he is in boarding at Khobar Vet, but has a medical file at Aramco. He will be a small dog and for sure a wonderful pet.

Can you help adopt or even foster Asel? 

Please contact Mercy Paws thru Whatsapp: 054 422 3323 and include Asel's photo. If you can help in any way, please do. Thanks.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

Sumantha needs a new home due to her family moving to a building where no dogs are allowed.

She is seven years old, spayed and up to date on her shots. 

Sumantha is a friendly and protective dog who loves long walks. It may take her time to adjust to her new home so she will need plenty of patience and understanding.

Please contact Jumana on 055 095 7000 if you can help Sumantha. Thanks. 


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

Bibi is 7-8 months old and is very friendly and sociable. He has had his shots and is waiting for his forever loving home.

Didi is friendly and playful. She deserves a good home!

Please contact Mercy Paws thru Whatsapp: 054 422 3323 and include a picture of Bibi or Didi.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Al-khobar

Our little Ellie is very sweet and fun. She only has 3 legs because her left front leg had to be amputated after we found her with a broken paw on the street. She can run and jump and play just like other cats though. Her amputation has not hindered her at all and requires no further medical care.

We love her and want to keep her but we have older adult cats who will not accept her into our home.  She has to stay in a room by herself.  We try to spend a lot of time with her but she needs a nice home she can move around in. If we could have access to a foster home until she is adopted that would be wonderful.

We'd be happy to get her vaccinated and sterilized. She's a very lovable cat.

Please call Kara on 050 683 1054
or email if you can help
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar (Sara Compound)

Bella was found wandering down the street near Pets Oasis. I don't know whether she'd escaped or was dumped but she is the most loving cat I have ever known, she just wants to be near you all the time and will follow you everywhere. She's extremely gentle and is only a small dinky petite little girl. She would make someone a lovely pet. 

I would keep her but I already have a cat and he's not the sharing house type unfortunately. She has a foster home until July 12.

Please call Danielle on 055 195 2680
or email if you can offer Bella a permanent or even temporary home.




Foster Carers Needed Urgently
Can You Help?
Located anywhere in EP

We really need foster carers, are you able to help out in any way?

Please email Linda Cattermole your details or send a message to  Paws EP on Facebook


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail

Manoo is a six-year-old female cat who is available for adoption to a good home free of any charges. According to her former owner, Manoo is a sweetheart who loves to hug and cuddle. She is an indoor cat, litter box trained, spayed with up-to-date shots. She eats dry cat food and only likes the seafood flavour.

If you or if you know of someone who can adopt this cat or provide a foster home for her until we can find a permanent one, please contact or call Jerry on 050-382-7957.




Free to a Good Home
Located In Al Khobar

We have 7 turtles The ones on the right are 3 inches They'll need a 30-gallon tank. The turtles on the left are 2.1 inches and they'll need a 20ish-gallon tank. 

They're very nice to have. Watching them swim around in their tanks is very relaxing and calming and it's fun to decorate their tanks but it does take some work. We're trying to find them a home soon.

Please call Nourah on 054 821 2144
or email

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