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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

7th August 2015
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Please visit our Adoption Gallery Adoption Gallery and our Lost & Found.

Can You Give These Cats a Last Chance?
We All Need Homes
Located In Dhahran

AKC have six cats for urgent adoption. Two are kittens, three are white Persians and the sixth is black and white. All of them are very friendly and deserve to be given another chance. If they are not adopted they will put to sleep.

The cat in the picture above is two years old and very, very friendly. He is fixed and his shots are up to date.  Would you like to take him home?

If you’d like to come see any of these cats, contact the Arabian Kennel Club from 7am to 1pm at 876-3517. They are all free. 


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dharhan 

Lucy is very calm, gentle and loving. She is also very clever and obedient, and she will always greet you with a welcoming hug.

Lucy needs to find a loving forever home. Can you help? 

Please call Sara on 054 646 5575
or email

URGENT Rehome Required
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dammam

This lovely, three-year-old indoor cat is in URGENT need of rehoming.  

Neutering and vaccination is required, but a new home – either permanent or temporary – is more important at this stage. 

For more information please contact         056 990 7182.



I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
Two-month-old Rosey was rescued and needs a forever loving home. 
Please contact Mr. Shazad on Whatsapp: 050 965 6039. Thanks. 


No Picture Available

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Riyadh, Al Woroud/Al Wurud

This happy little kitten loves playing by herself or with me. She hides then puts out her paw, and likes putting her head on your foot. She also enjoys fresh air, so spends a lot of time lying in the doorway or on the ledge outside in the shade.

Can you offer her a permancent home?

Please call Lisa on 055 238 6945
or email

What Would You Call Her?
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

Someone dropped a lovely female kitten next to my neighborhood mosque and didn't came back. I tried to adopt her but I have another cat at home and she didn't accept her company.

Kitty is probably about six months old but I have no idea about her medical record. To me she looks happy and healthy.

If any one is interested in adopting her, please feel free to contact me.

Please call Yousuf on 056 988 6321
or email

Panchita, Dianita, Merlin, Tomasa, Margarita, Emilio and Marita
We're Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail

Hi, we are all friendly and very loving kittens looking for homes with people who love us.

If you would like to meet us, please  talk to our foster carer, Andres, on WhatsApp +966-500 563 191 or email Thanks. 


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

This three-year-old male ginger cat was a rescue who had a lot of health problems. He is now treated and healthy, and living with a foster carer, but he needs to find a loving permanent home soon.

He loves to set on your lap and purr, and gets along very well with other cats.

If you're interested in adopting Ginger, please email

Beautiful Cat
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha

This beautiful 3-month old female is in need for a foster or forever home.

She has been showered and checked by a vet.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering her please contact Maha on

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail Industrial City

Armani is a fawn coloured male cat, about seven months old. He is a little shy of people but if he has enough love and care, he will settle down.

I think he would be better as an only cat as he seems to get very stressed around other cats. He was brought to me when his previous owner no longer wanted him and wanted to get rid of him.

Armani is a sweet cat who needs a loving forever home.

Please call Alexandra on 053 242 2879
or email

Larry, Moe and Shemp
We Need Homes
Located In Khobar

These young black kittens need homes. They are living in someone’s building with their mother. They are around three months old, and need homes! I'll provide cat boxes and food to whoever will take them.

Please let me know if you know anyone interested in adopting one or all of these little ones. 

You can contact Mohammad via Whatsapp on 056 207 5683. Thanks.  

Alfa, Loti and Lara
We're Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

These adorable three-month-old kittens (one male and two females) need homes

They are not vaccinated or sterilized yet, but they’re very friendly and playful. 

Please call Samah on 055 508 8310 if you can offer Alfa or Loti a permanent home. Thanks.


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail Industrial City

Leo is a sweet cat. He takes some time to get used to new places but once settled in, he is happy.

Leo's playful and loves "talking" to you. He was brought to me a couple of weeks ago as his previous owner no longer wanted him. I've had him neutered and will try get him vaccinated ASAP.

Leo needs to be with someone experienced with cats. He'll make a great companion - just needs to be given the chance. He does not bite or scratch, and ikes to lie on your lap and snuggle. My cats get on well with him. He loves playing and being around people.

Please contact Alexandra on 053 242 2879 or

Young Kitten
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha
This sweet young kitten is very tame, friendly  and cuddly. She gets attached to people very quickly and needs a loving home with caring owners to adopt her.

Would you like to find out more? Please email

Two Young Cats
We're Up For Adoption

I have a male ginger cat who is one year old, and a black one-year-old female.

Both are very sweet and friendly, and vaccinated.

Please contact Majed on 053 311 4066 if you are interested in adoption.

Adorable Kitty
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dammam

This adorable kitten was rescued from Pet Oasis clinic and is now ready to find their forever home. Are you the new proud owner to be?

Please contact Shazad at Khobar Animals Welfare Society on Whatsapp 059 160 9662.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail Industrial City

This two-month-old white female kitty is up for adoption. She is very sweet and playful!

Who can provide a forever loving home?? 

Contact Shazad on Whatsapp, 059 160 9662. Thanks. 

Four Neglected Cats

Living in Harsh Conditions
Located In Nariyah

We recently discovered four neglected cats in desperate need of foster homes in EP.

They're in Nariyah, 220 km away from Dammam, and their owner is keeping them in a dog cage on the roof, and is feeding them leftovers. They're in really bad shape and are not fixed or vaccinated.

There are two females and two males, between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. They have great personalities and really deserve to be treated better than this. Are you able to help, if only on a temporary basis until we find something permanent?

Please contact Maha on if you can help in any way. Thank you!

Catsitter Needed
Located In Dhahran

Cat sitter wanted for the upcoming Eid Holiday in September

Either someone to live in (in the Hills) or to visit and feed/play with cat at least once a day

Dates: 17-27 September

Please call 053 291 5607 if you can help, thanks.



Seeking Short-Stay Catsitter 
Located In Dhahran

I’ve just been let down by the cattery I normally use for my seven-month old kitten and now urgently need someone who can either house sit, or call in and check on/feed her on a daily basis.

She is no trouble to take care of (i.e. doesn’t need constant attention) and I’ll happily pay what would have been the boarding fees just to know she is being well looked after (350 SAR).

The house is in Mango, Dhahran

Dates: 20th – 29th August

Please call 055 965 0367.

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