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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

4th September 2015
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We are still looking for volunteers to temporary foster,  help with  yard sales, Trap-Neuter- Release, bake, join our craft group, help plan fundraising events, transportation, etc.

We also require old towels, blankets, sheets...

Please get in touch if you can help in any way by emailing Thanks!


To view all of the pets needing a new home please visit our Adoption Gallery.

If you have a pet you need to re-home, Register your Pet. You will then be asked to complete information fields and upload a photo of your pet. Please include a photo, as it helps significantly with re-home. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.

To view all of the lost or found pets please visit our Lost & Found.

If you have lost a pet or found a pet and would like it advertised, please see out Lost and Found section and complete the online Lost and Found form.

Three Cute Puppies
We're Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail Industrial City

We have three gorgeous puppies (2 males and 1 female) that will be ready to leave for their new forever homes around mid-September, when they're eight weeks old. They will have had their first vaccination and been dewormed.

The pups are mix breed, very sweet, loving and playful. We would prefer to find new owners who have some experience with dogs. They are orphans and we've been bottle feeding them, so they will need extra attention as they grow up, especially when it comes to socialization with other dogs.

Please call Alexandra on 053 242 2879 or email if you can offer these pups, or a pup, a home.

I Need a New Home, Fast!
Located In Dammam

Donatello is a handsome cat who is very friendly and playful and great with others cats.

Unfortunelly we cannot keep Donatello, as I am expecting, and my husband doesn't want him in the house.

I need to find someone who can take good care of him, or he may have to go back to the street.

Please help!!

Please call Brigitte on 059 663 1792 or email

Beautiful Little Girl
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar

This beautiful little girl is looking for a forever home. She is approximately four months old and very sweet, affectionate and playful.

When found she had extensive damage to her tail resulting in part of it being removed. Please let me know if you can foster or give her a forever home.

Please call Linda on 056 564 3979
or email

Little Kitty
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

This kitty was found near the baseball field on camp.  She was abandoned or separated from her mother.  We have fed her back to great health but she needs a home. 

She is two months old and already litter box trained. She is already proving to be an affectionate lap cat but sadly,  I am unable to keep her,  so I’d like to find her a good home asap. 

If you can help, please email Elliot at

I Urgently Need a Home
Located In Al Khobar

Gucci has showed up at a compound that is very strict about stray cats, so this is urgent!

He seems to have been abandoned because he's extremely sweet tempered and loves to be cuddled. He can't get enough love. He was named Gucci by the kids on the compound who adore him.

Currently he's being fed, but if the compound management sees him, he will be "taken away". We will gladly take care of neutering and immunizations for anyone who would like this beautiful, sweet kitty.

Foster or forever home needed as soon as possible!

Please contact Pam at 053 539 9268, or Dawn at 050 081 2927 or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura

Midnight is a playful and loving kitten who needs a forever home.

All of his siblings have been adopted except him.

Midnight loves to play with children and cuddle with humans. He would be a wonderful addition to any household.

Please call Karen on 053 260 3788 or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

Three-month old Zoro is a rescue who really needs a home! He is a male Siberian breed, very friendly, and is fully vaccinated. Who can give him a second chance??

Please call Abrar on 055  808 4445. Thanks.


Have You Seen Teddy?
He is Lost in Dhahran
Kenworth Court area

I have been wondering around camp each night for hours trying to find Teddy my ginger and white cat.

He is registered at the KC but he may still only be wearing a thin animal print collar. He lives at Kenworth Court, but who knows where he is now. 

If you see him, please call Julia on 053 284 3504 or 878 2346. Thanks.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

Henry is friendly and would be a great companion in a good home where he can be the only cat. He was found in a building on camp and is guessed to be less than 2 years old.

He is often relaxed but has his energetic moments, too, so he'd appreciate some toys.

He has been neutered and vaccinated and now all he needs is a home. 

Please call Rachael on 013 878 6709
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Al Hofuf

Tigger is a very friendly, playful and active cat, who loves to be cuddled.Unfortunately I have to find him a new loving home.

I found this cat abandoned and have had him for four months but have an allergy to cat hair, so I have to find a new home as soon as possible where he will be loved and taken care of.

Please call Kafeel on 050 021 8547 or email Thanks!



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