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Paws Eastern Province (EP)

5th October 2015
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To view all of the pets needing a new home please visit our Adoption Gallery.

If you have a pet you need to re-home, Register your Pet. You will then be asked to complete information fields and upload a photo of your pet. Please include a photo, as it helps significantly with re-home. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us.

To view all of the lost or found pets please visit our Lost & Found.

If you have lost a pet or found a pet and would like it advertised, please see out Lost and Found section and complete the online Lost and Found form.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jzala 1 Compound

Pablo is a Spaniel Terrier mix, around eight years old.

He loves to play and chase birds and is good with kids. He loves walks and all his vaccinations are up to date.

Pablo is looking for a good home as his current owners are leaving and sadly cannot take him with.

Please call Todd on 050 905 9624
or email if you can help. Thanks.

Lovely Little Girl
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail Industrial City

This little girl is still looking to be adopted. She is playful, energetic and has a great personality. She will need to be kept indoors but with daily exercise and play outside.

She is shy at first but very loving. She will grow to be a medium to large size dog but is very responsive to basic commands like sit, come etc.

Please call Alexandra on 053 242 2879.
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In AlKhobar

Please call Hani on 050 489 9981
or email if you can offer Loca a home. 



Cotton Ball
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura
Please call Karen on 053 260 3788
or email

Two Sweet Kitties
We Need Homes
Located In Oasis Compound

These two sweet kitties were abandoned by their mother in our back yard at Oasis Resort in Khobar. Their family is leaving KSA at the end of October. They are six weeks old. One's male and one's female. 

Please contact Suzan on 056 877 1974.

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Jubail

Lucy is a nice dog and a good friend to our family. She is quite calm.

The reason why we can't keep her is because she does not come when called, and instead runs until tired if let off the leash. Our compound has asked us to remove her because she has run away too many times.

Please can you help?

Please call Kristie on 056 994 7171
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Please call Muhammad on 050 790 6413 or email


I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran

Tigra is looking for a new home as her owner is leaving and cannot take her with him.

If you know of anyone looking for a friendly Persian female, four years old, indoor cat, please contact Pat on office number 872-7353, home number 878-5437 and mobile 0505-382-924.

I'm Looking for a Home
Located In Dhahran

Zeus is about 3 months old, has been neutered and has had his first lot of vaccinations. 

He's playful but gentle and extremely good natured. I am looking for a loving home for him. 

Please contact Abrar 055 808 4445.

Have You Seen Her?
Located In Dhahran

If you have spotted Grace in the Windmills area of Dhahran, please contact Laura on 053 594 6692.



Naya and Mousa
We're Up For Adoption
Located In Rakah, Khobar

Please call Lama on 053 384 7962
or email if you can take one of these lovely cats into your home. 




I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Al-Khobar
Please call Mostafa on 054 882 8828
or email if you can offer little Happy a home. 

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran 

Tamimi is a sweet cat who doesn't wander far. 

She had an accident with her rear foot so one of her toes sticks up but is fine otherwise.

Can you offer Tamimi a home?

Please call Lorna on 013 878 1397
or email
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PAWS does not support the random feeding of strays or cat colonies.

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