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Spay & Neuter Month
6th February 2016
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Did you know February is Spay & Neuter month?

When you spay or neuter your cat you're not only saving the lives of other cats, you may be saving your own cat's life.

Spaying & neutering your pet has many benefits:
- it helps your pet living a longer and healthier life;
- it reduces the risk of your pet being hurt by other animals;
- it improves your pet behaviour;
- it prevents other stray animals coming to your neighbourhood;
- it is the only effective way to prevent stray animals overpopulation.

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I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
This little guy will make your heart melt like snow once you hold him. He will always walk with a gait due to the fractures fusing, but this does not prevent him from being playful, sweet and affectionate. What a warrior this little guy is! Can you please give him a loving and patient home?
Please email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
A rescued funny, playful, well trained and beautiful 9 month old male cat. Extremely affectionate and loves people. Needs a loving home and healthy environment as my mom doesn't allow more than one cat in our house. Enjoys always being around people rather than being left alone. Healthy and up to date with his vaccinations.
Please call Safiyah on +966504999059
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar - Doha district
BOLT leaves with two other elder dogs with pleasure how ever we understand that certain species breeds when they grow they have dominent personality same same BOLT whom is best fit as a Guard Dog. thank you 00966 50 8983372
Please call Mohamed on +966508983372
or email

Fluffy the Kitten
I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura
Sweet boy. Very friendly, great with kids, and tolerant of other dogs and cats. So young that this socialization means he will probably just get better with other animals. Cuddly and a perfect family addition.
Please call Karen on +966532603788
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
This Beautiful Boy was found outside a compound in Khobar, he has a collar on. He is either lost or dumped. Can you give Kimba a forever home. He has a very sweet nature.
Please call Linda on +966565643979
or email
PAWS EP Policies

PAWS does not have a clinic, office or shelter therefore PAWS will not take your animals. The person who requests PAWS’ assistance will be considered the owner/person responsible for the animal regardless of the services arranged and/or provided by PAWS.

PAWS does not, for any reason or under any circumstance, advertise animals for sale. If someone advertising their pet(s) through PAWS tries to sell you their pet(s), please report it through the Contact Us page so that immediate actions can be taken.

PAWS does not support the random feeding of strays or cat colonies.

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