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Spay & Neuter Month
26th February 2016
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Did you know February is also Responsible Pet Owners month?

Being a responsible Pet Owner is not difficult, you just need to follow these easy guidelines:
- respect your pet nature and personality;
- feed your pet a healthy diet;
- book regular check ups with your vet;
- make sure your pet is up to date with his vaccinations;
- provide attention and exercise;
- make sure your pet wears an updated identification tag;
- spay and neuter your pet.

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I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
This little guy will make your heart melt like snow once you hold him. His walking has improved greatly and the recovery from his fractures are almost over. He is very playful, sweet and affectionate. What a warrior this little guy is! Can you please give him a loving and patient home?
Please email

Located In Khobar
This beautiful ginger tabby male was traped by pest control on a Khobar compound even though he has his flea collar on (He NO longer has his red collar on ) and is ear clipped as a TNR cat.Should you find this Boy can you please contact PAWS EP so he can be returned to his devastated Family, we are fearful for his wellbeing. Can you please share with all your contacts.
Please email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura
Pengiun is a 1 year AKC registered, neutered and vaccinated cat who absolutely loves adults and kids of all ages. He enjoys tea parties, dress up and most of all, napping in the sun with little people. He's a backyard cat, but he's litterbox trained if he ventures inside.
Please call Karen on +966532603788
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Doha
Jenny is an absolute joy to have! we'd keep her if we could, She's one of the best cats we've ever had. She's very playful , sweet , cuddly. she doesn't get along with cats that well it's better if she's an only cat. she has the cutest meows you'll hear them when she wants food.
Please call Nourah on 0548212144
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Abha
Lucky is a sweet dog that likes to play. She is very quiet and has responded well to training. She can stay inside or outside. She had a leg injury that we treated and has healed nicely. She needs a good home. We are willing to cover expenses and relocate to the right person inside of Saudi. She would be good for hunting, herding, guarding, or just a pet.

If you are interested we are available to take her to your place.
Please call Jamal on +966538520879
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ballpark area Dhahran
Black Zorro-like mask on face. Black smudge on chin. Large black smudge on left front leg. White chest. Was wearing orange collar.
Please call Sarah on 0536324966
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Khobar
Teddy gets around very well on his 3 1/2 legs. Enjoys his time outside and then will return to favorite spot on couch to nap. Very loving and enjoys a soft human shoulder to cuddle in. Will jump up onto bed to sleep with owner at night. Likes to share the pillows. Is vocal when hungry. Ideal for single person or couple. Not suitable with children or other animals.
Please call Jeff on +966503873295
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Ras Tanura
I am 2 years old and looking for a home. I like going out doors, especially at night but enjoy coming inside for a cuddle and a sleep. I am easy going, enjoy playing with my toys and like nothing better than to greet you when you come home.
Please call Janice on 0501662882

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Dhahran
Skippy is very affectionate and very talkative. He greets us when we come home, he often won’t eat until we are all together and has an opinion on everything. He lets us know when he expects to sit on a lap and what our proper bedtime is. Skippy is a cat that keeps us smiling. He turned up in the backyard 2 years ago with a broken pelvis. The vet patched him up, and after a number of adventures, Skippy adopted us. We can’t take him with us when we leave and would like to find a forever home for him. He has been neutered, and has all his shots. He tolerates dogs, but would ideally like to be an only pet. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, and is litterbox trained.
Please call Helen on 0138789829
or email

I'm Up For Adoption
Located In Al-Khobar

Male Puppy of approximately 3 to 4 months old and about 10 kilos. Cross breed possibly with a huskie mix because he has fur rather than hair. Energetic, needs yard and house. 50% house trained.I found this puppy in my compound after he was discarded by a neighbor, I have 2 dogs and 8 cats, so it is impossible for me to keep him.This is urgent because my husband is only allowing me to keep him 1 week.

Please call Jasmine on 0536252007
or email
PAWS EP Policies

PAWS does not have a clinic, office or shelter therefore PAWS will not take your animals. The person who requests PAWS’ assistance will be considered the owner/person responsible for the animal regardless of the services arranged and/or provided by PAWS.

PAWS does not, for any reason or under any circumstance, advertise animals for sale. If someone advertising their pet(s) through PAWS tries to sell you their pet(s), please report it through the Contact Us page so that immediate actions can be taken.

PAWS does not support the random feeding of strays or cat colonies.

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